Zeal is the only son of Broly, he's also secretly emo. He sucks fat dicks Sometime before the events of GT but after the Buu saga Goku was training with Vegeta,Gohan,Goten,Trunks,Piccolo,Krillin,Tien,Yamcha,Android 18,and Chatioze also a big bag a sweaty cocks.Then a saiyan space pod lands nearby. When Zeal came out everyone thought Broly had come back,however Zeal laughed and butt raped bulma he then explained himself and his history.Then he attacked Goku saying he is the most powerful being in the Universe and is even stronger than his father. then beerus comes and bitch slaps zeal with his massive cock..... Then Gohan and Piccolo charged at Zeal.He actually had a hard time with the two until he used the "DICK Breaker" on them.Goten and Trunks fused into Gotenks Super Saiyan 3 and gave Zeal a beat down. However Zeal decided he had enough and used "sucka f at cock" and defeated Gotenks. Goku an Vegeta were tossed around until they fused into Super Saiyan Vegito and pummeled Zeal. Vegito mocked him and told him to leave and not to come back again,but Zeal wouldn't accept defeat and used his most powerful attack:the "Dark Blast". Vegito used "Super Galick Kamehameha",obliterated the attack and killed Zeal. With Zeal gone the Z Fighters revived themselves using the dragons sweaty balls.
Goku lssj by hsvhrt-d3kugks


Personality and strengthsEdit

Zeal is ruthless like his father but is not crazy like him, Zeal is also arrogant and hates all life in the Universe excpet his. Zeal is also very strong and doesn't have any weaknesses so to beat him you have to use sheer strength against him.


Zeal is the only son of Broly and his mother died while giving birth to him so he doesn't have any living family members, so nothing to hold him back as he says. his mother is also freeza


Zeal's power is equal to a Super Saiyan 3 and keeps on getting stronger over time.


  • Dark Blast= Zeal's most powerful attack, it is as dark as the night sky and it destroys whole planets and even affects the mood of people making them feel scared, lonely, and depressed.
  • Back Braker= Zeal runs up to a enemy and grabs them and crushes them to death.
    LSS Kid Goku

    Zeal as a kid

  • Go to Hell= Zeal shoots fire out of his mouth and engulfs the enemy in flames, its almost as hot as the Sun.

    Zeal about to preform the Dark Blast Technique.

  • Flight= Zeal can use his Ki to fly like most characters.
  • Ki Blasts= simple enegy blasts

    Dark Blast