It the more powerful than any Super Saiyan froms except Ultra Hyper Super Sumo Saiyin Baby Goku Super 73 on Fire with Tentacles in SPACE!!!

I am sorry to say but this is clearly a rip off to my super saiyian titan ghost willy form so...YOUR A FUCK FAGFAG AND ALL YOU WHO READ THIS OWE ME $2.51 SO I CAN SHOVE GOKUS NOODLES UP MY ASS AS WELL AS YOURS !!!!....and with that i hope you all have a good day.


Goku was wandering around space one day when Gohan punched him in the nards and stole his Super Saiyan powers. Three years later Gohan got roundhouse kicked by Chuck Norris so hard he pooed the Saiyan power out and back into Goku multipling the power by Ten-thousand times becoming True Omega Hyper Deluxe Power Giga Super Saiyan 4...

    Twelve years later Goku woke up of his space sleep to find Vageta absorbing his True Omega Hyper Deluxe powers. Goku got up to tango with Vageta. Just then Chuck Norris came through the space window, in space, and transformed Vageta and Goku into Space Cats who where Sombreros... Three billion Space years later Goku and Vageta now live togeter, in space, as a space cat couple. Every now and then they become T.O.H.D.P.S.S. 4, then die a horrible firey death...

   two and ahalf years later an old wise monk came to Space in a ship, a space ship, and rebirthed Goku and all the Saiyans in a new planet called Planet Plant. Thus began the Television Anime DragonBall Z...

Poeple Who Can Become T.O.H.D.P.G.S.S. 4Edit

  • Akira Toriyama(Tori bot)
  • Goku/Kakarot

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