Super Saiyan White (Also known as Super Saiyan Mystic) is a legendary godlike transformation that has been obtained by only two Saiyans in history, those Saiyans being Goku and Vegeta. Super Saiyan White contains everlasting power and ki control. This power is said to be equal with Beerus and at times even rival Whis.

Power Edit

Super Saiyan White Power Scale: (Measured in 0 Bars)

Goku (SSB - Zamasu Ark) - 0000

Vegeta (SSB - Zamasu Ark) - 0000

Vegeta (SSB Raged - Zamasu Ark) - 00000

Goku (SSB Kaioken - Zamasu Ark) - 00000000

Fused Zamasu - 00000000

Black Goku - 0000

Zamasu - 00

Goku (SSW) - 0 - x25

Vegeta (SSW) - 0 - x25

Beerus - 0 - x25

Whis - 0 - x50

Vegito (SSW) - 0 - x100

Grand Preist - 0 - x120

Super Saiyan White is equivalent to Beerus's true power and ki control, however, Beerus still possesses better techniques and skill sets.

Usage Edit

Super Saiyan White can only be used for about 10 minutes, otherwise a mortal body will be consumed by it's godlike power. That's why Goku and Vegeta stick with Super Saiyan Blue (5/10), as it's perfect for their body-type. However, this does not stop Super Saiyan White from being used for a stretched amount of time. Goku fought Vegeta in the Portal Opening (known as Whis' Hyperbolic Time Chamber) in his Super Saiyan White state. Although the battle was later interrupted by Whis, who accounts them fighting for over six hours. Whis later explains the Portal Opening relieves pressure on the body if the mind is fully calmed.

NOTE: These are fan made battles, ideas, and concepts, not meant to be taken seriously and only meant for entertainment purposes.

Battles containing Super Saiyan White Edit

  • Goku vs. Champa and Vados (Super Saiyan White first appearance)
  • Goku vs. Vegeta (Super Saiyan White second appearance - spar)
  • Goku vs. Lord Beerus (Super Saiyan White - spar)
  • Goku vs. Whis (Super Saiyan White - spar)
  • Goku vs. Zeno's Corrupt Creation
  • Goku vs. Siribom
  • Vegeta vs. Siribom
  • Vegito (Grand-Priest Potara) vs. Siribom

NOTE: These are fan made battles and concepts created by Dragonball fans for entertainment.

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