At the beginning of the Assassination arc, both Goku and Vegeta were only capable of outputting 1/10th of the Super Saiyan Blue potential. Furthermore, after the assassination of Goku, Vegeta battled on with the new and improved Hit, getting demolished in the process. Now that he's dead, The other-world has allowed Goku to output 100% of his Super Saiyan Blue potential, as he no longer has a body presence.

The limitless other-world training has allowed Goku to play with his maximum potential, unlocking knowledge of progressing the transformation, and getting used to it.

Goku returns to Earth via Supreme Kai, taking away his life. Goku arrives back and showcases his new Super Saiyan Blue abilities in a battle versus a fully recovered Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, crushing him.

Whis watches this battle and begins to realize that Goku has unlocked a half of his true power. Goku tells Vegeta about the process of unlocking Super Saiyan Blue further, he then decides to kill Vegeta, allowing the Saiyan Prince to unlock the ability in other-world.

Super Saiyan Blue (5/10) Edit

Super Saiyan Blue (5th/10) is the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan transformation at half of it's full power. This is incredibly strong in comparison to the Super Saiyan Blue seen in previous arcs. With this form utilized, Vegeta was able to defeat and kill Hit.

New Features

  • Better controlled ki (SSB Kaioken is more usable)
  • Dramatic increase in strength (compared to SSB)
  • Blue Big Bang Attack (Vegeta's Ultimate Move)
  • Star-powered Kamehameha (Goku's Ultimate Move)
  • Power to open Universe 6
  • Goku is able to create stars
  • Vegeta can tap into the power of a God of Destruction

Vegeta kills The Legendary Assassin Hit Edit

Goku (Base) battles Hit for a brief moment whilst pursuing the mysterious figure whom hired Hit. However, Vegeta soon takes over and smacks Hit into a nearby cliff. Hit recovers immediately. Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue and counters Hit's new time-skip technique easily. Hit is surprised by Vegeta's new strength and abilities and is finally outclassed. Vegeta's power increases even more during his fight with Hit, battering him into the scenery. Vegeta finally decides to finish off the battle by delivering a sinister and gorey combo of punches and finally finishes him off with the new Blue Big Bang Attack, ending Hit's existence.


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