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Sharotto in her pod

Sharotto full body

Full body shot of Sharotto

shemalia is the mom/dad of Goku and wife/husband of Bardock the fag. it was sent a mission to destroy all life on Planet sweaty bollocks, but shemale crashed and landed on the Planet Cock grease. She was the strongest shemale warrior with a power level of peniswillyface. She reunited with Goku in a BDSM club when Goku penitrated Jabembuu. They fought and with a single kick Goku almost raped her.She was impressed with his skill and had respect for him. Like many other Saiyans she can turn into a Great floppy penis. Along with the marriage of Bardock, she had her first son Radick. A few years later giving birth to a great worrier.( Goku)

... are you serious? Get a life kiddo.

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