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Haiyanta as a SSSJ6

SSJ6 is the evil form for a saiyan. It is the first form discovered after SSJ5. Even if you are good hearted, if you acheive this stage you will turn on anything. While in SSJ6 form you will kill everything. SSJ6 also gives you an extra life. However the extra life only comes when you are a SSJ6. If you are SSJ6 then if you are killed you get revived and you are in your base form. This happens everytime that you turn into a SSJ6 but after you are revived you aree super weak and have to heal to get bacck to your full power. You can only turn into a SSJ6 when you are in extreme anger. Either that or you are kill crazy and you are super angry at the persomn you want to kill. This form has only been achieved by Kaddish and Haiyanta.

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