Super Saiyan 5 is the next Saiyan transformation after Super Saiyan 5. The first person to use this form was Vegeta. It is said that as long as you have Saiyan blood you can become a Super Saiyan 5. As a Super Saiyan 5 your hair will turn silver and you will be filled with pure anger. A other Saiyan tried to become a Super Saiyan 5 but failed and died due to the fact that he was like Goku, he was a nice and supportive person and he did not have any anger, so Vegeta was the only person to use this form. Vegeta thought this form would beat Goku in power, but Vegeta did not get to fight him because Goku was training with Shenron on a other planet. With this form Vegeta had a leap of power, he wanted to fight Goku again like when they fought on Earth back then. Super Saiyan 5 became Vegeta's main move he used it in almost every battle. Soon after this move was learned Vegeta Decided to go full power, his power level pased Goku by 150,000,000. Goku soon became scared of the Transformation, Vegeta soon challenged Goku and beat Goku up until Goku gave up and said *Ok Vegeta, you are the strongest*