Pure Super Saiyan is an alternative version of the Super Saiyan transformation. It's gained only by transforming into a Super Saiyan (first time) without using anger, thus creating a transformation that is dependent on willpower. Whilst Super Saiyan is stronger than Pure Super Saiyan, Pure Super Saiyan is shown to be faster and easy to control. The form makes it's debut in Dragon Ball Z: Goku vs. Frieza (Alternate Edition). This movie features a different fight. Instead, Goku gains his Super Saiyan transformation before Krillin dies. Goku tells Frieza that his new golden haired super-fighter form, was infact gained from intensive mind training in his gravity room. Both Frieza (50%) and Goku (Pure Super Saiyan) battle it out and eventually, Frieza is beaten by Goku's Ultimate Kamehameha attack, which kills Frieza before he is able to power up.

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