Power Saiyan 4

Goku as a Power Saiyan 4 after training with Vegeta.

History After Goku and Vegeta defeated Broly, they began training together and Goku eventually became a Power Saiyan 4, as well as Vegeta.


A Power Saiyan 4 looks like a Super Saiyan 4 except the fur is yellow and glowing, tha tail as well and the hair. Goku's hair looks different from his Super Saiyan 4 hair because at that moment he was a Full-Power Power Saiyan 4(I am not making a page on that because it's the same thing only more powerful and longer hair).


  • Goku
  • Vegeta

Remaining FormsEdit

  • True Super Saiyan
  • Giga Saiyan
Power Saiyan 4 Vegeta

Vegeta, after training with Goku, in his new form.

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