Legendary Omega Saiyan 3

Broly as a Legendary Omega Saiyan 3, about to transform into a Legendary Deluxe Saiyan.


It seems as if Broly was at the brink of defeat, when all of a sudden, Broly felt a pulse of strength,power,and energy flowing through him. With a bright flash, he transformed into a Legendary Omega Saiyan 3.


Looks like an Omega Saiyan 3 mixed with LSS. Has a blue electric aura, and a white energy field surrounding the user. Has a red, "excited" and "energetic" aura flying about the body when preparing to transform into a Legendary Deluxe Saiyan.


  • Broly

Remaining FormsEdit

  • Legendary Omega Saiyan 4
  • Legendary Deluxe Saiyan
  • Legendary Power Saiyan
  • Legendary True Super Saiyan