A warrior Knuffle.

Knuffles are an extremely powerful race. Potatsos staye with them when he was born. He was sent there because his father didn't want to take care of an insolent brat. The Knuffles are extremely smart and strong. Most of them are warriors like the saiyans, but they only defend their planet instead of destroying others. They have never been beaten in a battle or a war, even though each of them have been in more then all the battles the saiyans have been combined. The reason why they are so storng is that they don't have much to do so they spend most of their time training.

Power Levels

Most of the Knuffles have power levels of 250,000,000,000. However elite warrior Knuffles have power level up to 1,000,000,000,000. Even the scientists and regular Knuffles have power levels up to 100,000,000,000. This is why Potatsos became so strong. He trained with the Knuffles and studied with the scientists.


The Knufflesare extremely smart because they have "visitors" from different planets every single day so they know about the enitre universe. They have highly advanced technology and if they want to get somewhere in a spaceship it would only take them a few minutes to get there or at the most an hour. Most of the Knuffles, even the warriors have Technopath abilities. Being a technopath means that they can build and work with technology with just there minds. So if they have malfunctions they can fix things immediatly.