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The battle of revenge shall start now!

After baby was blown into the sun goku thought he had finally but he was wrong. Baby reformed more powerful than ever just in his base state he is as powerful as a SSJ5! Baby went off to find goku and take over him instead to be the most powerful bebing in the unisvers. Goku is training as of right now and senses baby's approch and baby's for an odd reason keeps growing in power. After baby makes his way to goku he finds everyone ready to see the fight. It starts off with baby laughing like a mad man! Then goku says whats so funny?, and baby's says you. Me? Goku replys, yes says baby you think your so powerful still ahahahah your not!. Goku: Oh really, I'll kill you baby for good this time i swaer this on my life and everybody elses! Baby: Well your just letting them down as you can't kill me anymore or over power me! Goku: WHat do you mean? Baby: When you blasted me into that star it gave me never ending power and immortallity! Goku: NO, Thats impossiable this can't be you lie! Baby: HA, Now you know and then (baby goes into gokus bady). The z-fighters: NO, Not goku baby you went to for this time! Gohan: I'm going to kill you baby you hear me! Baku: NO, You die blasted gohan into thin air. The other z-fighters run in the most cowerdly way than they have before only to be killed! Baku: Its time to rule the unisvers ahahahahaha. Now the z-fighters have lost and baku has won. Now the unisvers is under baku's control and the new leader. The end!Total carnage 02:21, October 27, 2011 (UTC)