Ice Shenron is a dragon created by Kami and it has a twin brother Flame Shenron made by King Piccolo. He is not a Shadow Dragon.

How he was bornEdit

Ice Shenron was made during the fight with Kami and King Piccolo, Kami was able to summon the good inside his heart to make this dragon and it was a very powerful dragon that can fire ice shards at incredible speed and is said that if you survive the ice shard attack the dragon will give you eternal wisdom.

What happened to Ice Shenron?Edit

When Kami and Piccolo were fighting in a heated battle Ice Shenron blow himself up to let Kami escape cause Kami was about to lose the final battle with King Piccolo.


Ice Shenron power is about the same as Goku's when he was fighting against Jackie Chun (Master Roshi at the World's Martial Arts Tournament).