The Requiem of Bardock is the third installment in the Bardock trilogy. The story begins following on from the Episode of Bardock, where a newly Super Saiyan Bardock leaves Planet Plant in hope of returning to his time to defeat Frieza. After numerous months of searching, Bardock crash lands on a nameless planet, where he is attacked by powerful parasitic creatures. The battle Bardock has with these creatures pushes him to his limits.

Upon escaping the clutches of the indestructible creatures, Bardock stumbles upon a shrine. This shrine is engraved with spiritual energy, and upon touching it, Bardock gains some of it's strange powers.

From the shrine, Bardock gains a huge increase in power, aswell as some technical abilities. Bardock decides to use his freshly obtained powers on the planet's inhabitants, thus killing them all.

Bardock re-enters his ship and travels aimlessly throughout space. A few moments later, he notices a fleet that looks very similar to Lord Chilled's. Bardock boards the fleet to investigate. Upon boarding he encounters Emperor Glacier, the father of Chilled and ruler of the Universe. Bardock transforms into a Super Saiyan to combat him on his ship, but is soon overwhelmed. Glacier then makes the proposition to fight Bardock on a dead planet just outside of the fleet's orbit. Bardock accepts and the two land on the planet.

Bardock vs. Emperor Glacier Edit

Bardock begins by telling a story of how he will rid the timeline of Frieza scum. Glacier is amused by this tale and taunts Bardock. Glacier tells Bardock to showcase his entire power. Bardock accepts and transforms into a Super Saiyan. At first, Glacier is astonished by Bardock's increase of power, but soon calms and makes a proposition to Bardock.

Bardock hastily declines his proposition and watches as Glacier powers-up. From the distance, Glacier's other offspring Frozen and Winter watch from the ship.

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