This is the result of Cell absorbing all of the Cell Juniors, android 13, and LSSJ5 Broly. In this form Cell is the Ultimate Perfection once again as he is twice as strong as SSJ4 Gogeta.


Perfect Kamehameha- Cyber Golden Cell's weakest attack. It is as strong as a Solar Kamehameha, But it barely drains any energy and can be amplified by the Green Mist technique similar to the Kaio-Ken Kamehameha.

Cyber Golden Cell using the Green Mist technique

Green Mist- A Kaio-Ken like technique, when used it surrounds the opponent in a dark green mist like aurora with occasional silver sparkles.

Aww did that hurt?- A counter attack. Very similar to the Spirit Breaking Cannon but it has a bigger and more devastating combo to it, it ends with a elbow that sends the opponent to the floor then Cell fires a huge golden ki blast that consumes the opponent then extends and explodes to finish off the opponent, much like the Light Grenade. Once this attack is completed Cell says Aww did that hurt?

You can't even catch my afterimage!- A afterimage strike like technique but it causes damage to the opponent each time he/she hits the afterimage.

Big Bang Crash X10- A modified version of the Big Bang Crash. It is X10 as powerful,Fast, and it barely costs the user any ki. The energy sphere's color is Light Green and it has a lot of electricity surrounding it.

Instant Transmission Kamehameha- A full power Kamehameha fired at the opponent after a Instant Transmission that leads you behind the opponent.

Legendary Kamehameha- Cyber Golden Cell's ultimate technique, It is as big as 10 Final Flashes and Kamehamehas combined. After it hits the opponent it extends even more at the tip and explodes causing deadly damage to even a SSJ4. The color of the technique is light green, the tip that extends and explodes is gold.


Cyber Golden Cell's personality doesn't change at all from his Super Perfect form. The reason to this is because this form is a modified version of that form.


  • The Legendary Kamehameha can destroy a whole galaxy in a split second if it happens to hit a planet.
  • Cyber Perfect Cell was killed by Vegito.
  • Cyber Perfect Cell is the very reason that caused Goku to transform into a SSJ8 and fuse with his Saiyan companion and rival Vegeta to form SSJ8 Vegito.