Buuieza is the result of Super Buu absorbing Frieza.


Khi Super Buu làm một lỗ cho Dimionsion trên anh ta trong khoảng thời gianHerox Thời Gian, anh ta đã hoàn thành Địa ngục. Trong khi thoát khỏi địa ngục Super Buu gặp Frieza, người mà bạn muốn chiến đấu với anh ta, Super Bửu dễ đánh bại Frieza và sau đó hấp thu anh ta để có sức mạnh hơn. Hóa ra Buuieza yếu hơn Majin Budđịt

Buuieza went to Earth to exterminate the human race which he was but before he could Buuieza got in a fight with Super Saiyan Gotenks. At first Buuieza was getting the upperhand in the fight with Super Saiyan Gotenks but after Gotenks used his Super Ghost Kamikazie attack Buuieza was about to die but he used Death Ball on Gotenks the attack almost hit Gotenks but he was able to dodge it. Buuieza soon died after he used his attack.

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