Basher Is an alien based on Vegeta's, Goku's, And Majin Buu's dna that was made to destroy all Saiyans to get revenge for the Saiyan - Tuffle War. Basher was born as a SSJ5. Little is known about Basher.


Final Flash


Big Bang Attack

Big Tree Cannon

10x Kamehameha

SSJ5 Vegetaf by Mazokujin

Full Power Basher

Final Shine Attack

Planet Burst

Super Kamehameha

Vengeance Blow - Basher rushes at the opponent kicks him in the stomach and blasts him away with a powerful ki blast.

Vendetta - Basher blasts the opponent with poweful multiple ki blasts (similar to the Super Energy Wave Volley).

A Tuffle's Wrath - A energy wave 10x more powerful than the 10x Kamehameha and Final Shine Attack.


SSJ5 (Basher's base form)

Full Power (A full power version of SSJ5)

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